To cater for various interests and to give our pupils the opportunity to grow and develop in different spheres, a number of cultural activities are offered to all pupils at Howick High School.  

Activities include:

The Annual Drama/Musical Production

The annual production takes place in the first term, alternating between a musical or drama production.  Howick High School’s hall includes a large stage, with backstage facilities, special lighting and a sound system.

Community Team 

This team of pupils dedicate their time to community orientated projects which include playing bingo with the residents at Amberfield and assisting at Angels Care Home to visiting Sunfield Home residents.   

First Aid Team

A team of trained first aiders are present at all major sports fixtures.  We are thankful to Global Learning Solutions who provide training for our pupils.

Sewing Club

A group of pupils meets each week to work on sewing projects to improve their skills.  

Eco Club and Recycling Team

The Eco Club continue their work towards achieving a Green Flag for Howick High School.   The Club works along with the Grade 11 Recycling Team.  Recycling Bins are located in various locations around the school as well as in the undercover area between the Grade 10/11 and Matric Quads (opposite the swimming pool) and you are most welcome to drop off your recycling collection each morning or afternoon.

The School Band

The Junior and Senior bands are given the opportunity to hone their musical skills and perform at various events through the year, both at School and in the Community.


Our Choir performs at the annual Speechnight and Prizegiving as well as cultural evenings.

Gavel Club

Open to pupils from Grades 10 to 12, the Gavel Club gives our pupils a platform to develop and practice their public speaking skills.  At the current time, a meeting is held once a term in the form of a formal dinner, where appropriate ettiquette is taught and practiced.   

Dance Company

Pupils are selected for The Dance Company via an audition process.   The Company participates in the annual ‘Funk’ production, the Culture@Kearsney event and Experidance at Epworth as well as school cultural events. From 2016, an open dancing group was started, offered to all pupils. 

The Photography Club

The photography club practice their skills on planned excursions and exhibit their works at the Matric Art Expo at the end of the year.

Grade 11 Matric Farewell Committee

Each year the matric farewell function is organised by a group of Grade 11 pupils, their registration teachers and Grade Tutor.  A number of skills are taught and developed including fundraising, marketing, coordinating, procuring, decorating, public relations, sales and many more.  

Library Monitors

Library Monitor training is offered at the beginning of the year and the monitors are guided in their duties Media Centre staff.

The School Museum

The museum is a vital tool to teach new pupils the history of Howick High School and it is also enjoyed by past pupils when visiting the school for their reunions.